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Chair's Welcome

A very warm welcome to St Edwards Royal Free Ecumenical Middle school governors’ pages.

For context, here is a little background about the school and the role of governors.

The school has been on its present site for 30 years, but has existed for well over 300 years in various locations in Windsor.

The Staff and the Senior Leadership Team is managed by the Head Teacher and collectively, they are responsible for the day to day running and all operational aspects of the school. 

The Governors primary purpose is to ensure that children receive the best possible education to achieve their potential.  We do this by providing clarity of vision, ethos and ensuring there is clear actionable strategic guidance. 

In short, we are here to support staff educate and safeguard children in a caring, safe environment while imparting Christian values.

As well as leading the strategic direction of the school, Governors have to ensure that all children at St Edwards, irrespective of background or ability, have an equal and fair chance to use the opportunities available to them to fulfil their potential.  

We conduct our duties through the use of various committees and full governing body meetings.  When we meet we use our wealth of different careers and life experiences to hold the Senior Leadership to account, and plan the best ways forward for the pupils, parents, staff and St Edwards.   The Governing body endeavours to conduct its business in accordance with accepted standards of behaviour in public life which embrace selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, honesty and leadership.

The Governing body consists of people from the local community, parents of children currently at the school and some members of staff.  We are a diverse group of people with a variety of expertise that we feel reflect the main interest groups of the school.

As individuals, governors have very limited power or authority, it is only as a group that we can act.

Our mission is to provide a school with God at its centre, based on the Christian values of respect and tolerance for each other, in a caring and happy school that has the best teaching and learning environment that we can afford. 

Governors, together with a well-motivated, highly qualified and able staff deliver the best curriculum to ensure that all pupils leave St Edwards happy, motivated and with a first class education that gives them choice and opportunity to continue their education.

In order to achieve our aims we are rigorous in our recruiting to get the best staff possible.  We provide a broad, balanced and sustainable curriculum that supports the needs and requirements of all students where practicable. We ensure that we have the necessary facilities and resources to support the curriculum. We are strenuous in our efforts to run a balanced budget each year and to run budget forecasts well into the future to make sure we have a stable and sustainable business plan. We are relentless in seeking year on year improvements in all areas for the equal benefit of the staff, students and parents.  Standing still is not an option.

We endeavour to create a respectful and caring environment with Christianity at its core for all.


Chair of Governors